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Control of the Palate

One of the 11 vows taken by Gandhi

Gandhi was a strict vegetarian who advocated proper eating for the sole purpose of sustaining the body, and not to indulge in pleasure. Below is the excerpt of his view on food consumption.

Control of the palate is very closely connected with the observance of brahmacharya (self discipline). 

Food has to be taken . . .

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February 16, 2016

15 Awesome Salad In A Jar Ideas

What happens when you put it in a mason jar? Awesomeness!

1. Asian Noodle Salad

Ingredients: Noodles, red bell pepper, shelled edamame, carrots, green onions, crunchy rice noodles.

How to prepare

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2. Pomegranate And Pear Salad

Ingredients: 1 pear, spinach leaves, pomegranate . . .

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February 16, 2016

5 Healthy Habits That Are Worth The Time & Money

According to Phoebe Lapine, a NYC-based chef and food writer at mindbodygreen, the following are a few of the things she recommends learning from her own experience.

1. Warm lemon water instead of cleanses and “detox” supplements.

Starting the day with an alkaline drink (like a glass of lemon water) rather than something . . .

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February 16, 2016


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