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Feb 19 - Today I Found Out

Happy Friday folks...!

1. You can now order a whole freaking car online via Amazon. What!

The new Chevrolet Trailblazer had become the first and the only car available for booking on Amazon, in India during last October. (StoryPick)

2. Asthmatic? 30 minutes of exercise daily could help.

A common belief is that exercise triggers shortness of breath and . . .

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February 19, 2016

Feb 17 - Today I Found Out

1. 30-Day Challenge Will Make You More Flexible

We have seen plenty of challenges to get a six pack, gain muscle or lose fat. Here is a much needed one – to be more flexible. (Refinery29)

2. Some seemingly harmless things could be slowly killing you

These are some innocent things we do daily that are harmful for us. (Story . . .

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February 17, 2016


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